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Where Will You Keep Your CBD?

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Answer: All hemp-derived flower contains trace amounts of THC. That is a fun fact!

We provide third party lab results that show that all of our hemp-derived flower used in Full Moons smokable products contains less than .3% THC out of 100% of the flowers content. .3% is the national legal limit of THC allowed in legal CBD products.

Answer: Our tinctures are THC Free! A truly family friendly product. What makes our oil stand out from other tinctures in the market place are the temperatures we use when separating compounds of plant material. We use cold distillation techniques versus distilling with hot temperatures. This preserves the natural integrity of the hemp plant and provides the consumer with more access to it’s naturally occurring state!

Answer: This answer depends on your use. Regardless of how much CBD you consume, our best suggestion is to confront your employer. Ask them the question! Bring our products to their attention and ignite the conversation. Most employers do not know how to answer the question themselves. With legality changing, drug tests will be changing too. We recommend transparency with your employer & if you are unable to confront your employer, do not risk your employment!

Answer: I love this question because everyone’s experiences are unique and different. Inhaling CBD is much different than ingesting it. Smoking our products often produces a short lasting sense of calm. Your state of mind will not be interrupted from more than 4 minutes and the interruption is incredibly subtle. Take notice of the tone of your voice, your posture, any chronic pains, sore-ness, or general thought patterns immediately after inhaling. Awareness of self is the best way to figure out how your body is responding. Ingesting our CBD tinctures is an even more mild experience + since there is absolutely no THC present you are likely to feel no change in mood, sensation or appetite shift. Our tincture products are to be considered a supplement, with results produced after consistent and long term use.

Answer: We have shipped internationally many times in our 3 years of being alive as a company. It’s a great opportunity to read your rights and terms of use of CBD declared by your national and local government. We do our best to stay up to date and offer shipping to every nation that will accept its use.

Answer: We handpack every smokable product in Los Angeles, CA. We purchase hemp derived flowers from friends and family in Oregon & California. Every strain purchased and blended is intentionally chosen.

Answer: We love receiving submissions. If it is your dream to have your image used on one of our limited edition cigarette packs please email us an intentional note at

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