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Harness The Power of CBD Oil + Your Everyday Moisturizer Cream

Yeah I said it, you’re gonna start adding drops of your CBD.

When I first started this company, my old business partner and I traveled to Miami to do our first hemp convention. It was a total flop and the crowd was really slimy. I could barely stand being there. I did walk about to check out the competitors and like-minded people in the industry.

I ended up at some bougie make up pop up, having a representative use all of their CBD make up products on one half of my face. They spoke to me about the supreme benefits and qualities of adding cannabidiols to your creams and powders. I was just excited to feel fancy.

I remember I looked in the mirror and kind of shit my pants. I was 26 at the time and never really thought about anti-aging products but was astounded at how much more tight and youthful one side of my face was.

Totally sold, I wanted all the products she put on me. Each product she quoted me was over $400 a piece. I laughed and quickly left the booth. Half done and bummed.

I told the chemist we were working with about the experience. AND HE LAUGHED and told me “Marion, start putting your own products on your face. Just because it’s branded and priced differently doesn’t mean that your plant juice doesn’t offer the same benefits to your skin.”

That was three years ago, and I have avidedly used it ever since. My complexion and it’s inflamed pores have settled. I rarely experience many flare ups and when I do they are such cute little white-heads that I can address with ease. I am so happy to have found a balancing plant material that supplements whatever my skin was deficient in.

I eat CBD at least once a day to address inflammation of my skin and joints internally.

While I intentionally apply externally as well.

My current everyday cleansing regimen consists of a twice daily wash using Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser. Followed up by a quarter sized dollop of NOTO’s Moisture Riser Cream – I add half a dropper of my One Tru Human 1000MG CBD Oil into that dollop of cream and mix lovingly with my finger before applying to clean, dry skin. I wait five minutes before finishing my regimen with Burt’s Bees SPF 30 Firming Day Lotion (applied with love to my face and neck.)

* Every three nights, I use a cold crystal roller to cool my skin and then I apply a dropper full of One Tru Human’s 1000MG CBD Oil directly. I try to let the oil sit on my skin for at least ten minutes before I lay my head on my pillow. I call these my “deep, moisture nights” my future self will thank me later.

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