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Is there a safe space between over indulgence and abstinence?

I feel incredibly passionate about this thought. 

If we were intimate on a couch, smoking a Full Moons CBD Cigarette

I would look deeply into your eyes and give you a piece of my mind.

Alas, I am behind a screen and you are… well who knows where you are.


I am a thirty year old woman and I love to have fun, right? Plain and simple conclusion.

Let me be clear.

I love drinking alcohol, I love smoking weed, I love tobacco, give me a cigarI will chief it. I also enjoy magik mushrooms, hapé snuff, and plenty of other weirds things. I have had ‘love affairs‘ with many substances.

And most of my friends could say something similar about themselves.

The trend that I observe amongst my peers, domestically and internationally, is all the same.

Everyone falls in love with their poisons…and gets lost. When I say love I mean L.O.V.E…..they are always cuddling the poison, consuming it, thinking about it…total obsession and over indulgence. I now observe friends falling asleep with poisons in their hands.

Then something happens, or they need a change to occur so their first bright idea is to cut out the substance or the affair all together.

An ‘all or nothing’ mentality. For some, I understand and respect the importance and necessity of abstaining from a habit or an “affair” (as I’m calling it) .. I have great respect for sober communities and the rockstar mentalities of those who succeed in radically changing their habits!

I, however, don’t particularly want the lifestyle. I am a seasonal woman, change looks good on me.

Change is my greatest love affair… I could never honestly or willingly decide to commit to a habit of sobriety for the rest of my life. I enjoy change too much and I also have established a healthy relationship with my ability to make solid choices in the moment. This means that I trust my ability to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at any moment and I trust myself enough to let the answers change. I am comfortable making new and informed choices every day. I find the exercise of making new and different decisions daily a wise practice.

That being said, I have learned to….

have one glass of wine, I can smoke one cigarette and I can take one hit of a joint and not need to crave more.

I can also drink too much mezcal one night and wake up with a stinging hangover without guilt or grief. My mind allows me to brush it off and try again without fear of the outcome. I like my choices, they are informed and expressive and they allow me to enjoy where I am and the fruits + plants of the land I stand on (which is my ultimate passion).

Thus I want my company to represent and share these ethics. I’m gonna preach moderation til the cats and dogs sing. I feel that this mental skill was transmitted into my brain from years of eating and smoking the hemp plant. This is the intellectual knowledge I have received…from a hemp plant. 


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